A book for YOU, and a book for YOU, and books for EVERYBODY!

I mentioned that writing program I’m in a few weeks ago, yes? Well, the publishing ball has begun to roll. And you’re going to get the benefit of it.

First, myself and my fab co-writers, Wilhelmina Kirk and T.M. Catron, published two shorts this week. One, Lost in Blue is a paranormal story of someone who has a chance to find their way home. The other, The Living, is a post-apocalyptic story of the aftermath of other life forms coming to Earth. Both were really fun to write, and I enjoyed this project tremendously.

Second, we, the entire Phoenix Prime group, have published a collection of short stories that are all on Instafreebie. If you haven’t used Instafreebie before, you should. I find a lot of new authors that way. And together, we have a number of collections for you; romance, sci-fi, fantasy, general fiction – something for everyone. So check them out!

Third, along with another co-writing partner, Corinne O’Flynn, I am beginning to put out the first of a new series. The series is titled The Aumahnee Prophecy. You can check out the details Here. This is going to be so much fun to write, I can hardly stand myself! Keep checking in, because once we start rolling – the new releases are going to be flying!

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