Time to meet the hero… sort of…

Can you be a hero, if you didn’t plan on it? We’re all the hero of our own stories, but do we see ourselves that way? Not necessarily.

This week, we’re going to talk about the hero of The Oracle of Wynter series. Because I like having a hero, even though he’s not the main character. The main male character is a man named Logan Gentry. He’s 49, tall, with wavy dark hair that might be a touch too long. He has what I’ll politely call an interesting past, and he’s come to see Wynter because he finally hit a wall. Basically, she’s his last option to find out the things he needs to know in order not to get dead. He’s quiet, although within him is a maelstrom of mess. The good – no, the great thing about Logan outside of the fact that he is easy on the eyes is that he keeps his mess to himself. His asking for help from Wynter is a big step for him, and a sign of his trust in her. Or desperation. I think his choice to ask for help can straddle both camps.

Are you getting excited to read more about these folks? I’m excited to share with you! Only another week!


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