Helloooo, Florry!

Last week, I introduced you to Wynter, who is the unwitting heroine of my new series, The Oracle of Wynter. She’s not the first Oracle, however.

This week, let’s meet Florry. Florry is short for Florence, but no one calls her that anymore. She was the Oracle for over twenty years. She lived in a tiny house in a town in Kansas called Lost Springs. She’d grown up in that house, and then her father gave it to her when she married. She lived to be 86, despite drinking a nice cold one every night, and enjoying her Virginia Slims. The last five years of her life, she loved wearing her floral nightdresses and pastel housecoats. Her sons gave her a ridiculous collection of fuzzy slippers. She let her curly hair go natural, and subsequently, it rioted around her head in a soft white halo. She found the serpent that made her the Oracle in her garden while she was pruning her rosebushes. She is sharp-tongued, and sees everything. She always did, even before she was the Oracle. And she’s going to try to help Wynter, even if Wynter doesn’t want her help. Because Florry knows, y’all. No Oracle does this alone.

Next week, the third character you’ll see the most of. Have a fabulous week!


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