T-minus 24 hours…

Dragon Con, if you’ve seen any of my social media this week, starts on Thursday. I’m really excited because I have a fantastic schedule, and great panels, and I’m bringing all my new books. So there’s a lot of fab going on.

What also is fab is that I finished my third book for the month this past weekend. I’ve been really working on productivity, and after I wrote the Epilogue, and sniffled a little (it was for my pen name in one of her romance series), I realized, WHOA. This is number three. I started Number Four yesterday.

I’m going to take it to Dragon Con because I’m so excited to be back in this world again. Will I get anything done? I’m going to try. I feel so much better with steady, continued productivity, and it keeps me from those mad days when I have to write thousands of words to get something to the editor on time.

So what’s coming for the fall? That’s the important thing.

Well, books 2 of Deadwood and Mostly Open. Those are already cookin’. Then I have a surprise for you all in November. This was totally not in my plans, but something spurred me into action, and so I have something new planned.

There’s a Midnight Coven project happening in October, and I should have some fun news for you around that time as well. Then we move along into November, and I’m going to be at Reno Pop Culture Con. That should be fun. The Pop Culture Con folks put on a really good show, and I’m looking forward to it.

I have more coming during the winter, but I’m not even going to offer you a teaser on that one. Not yet, LOL. You just have to wait.

So I’m off to Dragon Con tomorrow, and if you’re interested, stay tuned via my social media for all the pics. The costuming is like nothing else you’ve ever seen!


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