What’s on the agenda?

Here we are at the end of March, and I’m looking at the beginning of second quarter, which I mentioned in the last blog post a couple of weeks ago. I’m looking at what I’ve done writing-wise.

Here it is so far:

Book 1 of new series (novel)
Started book 2 of the same series (novel)
Started book 1 of another new series (novel)
Started novella for PNR project

Romance Pen Name
Jan novella
Feb novella
March novella
April novella
April novella
May novella
June novella
One part of group novella

Fun Pen Name #2
Short story 1
Short story 2
Short story 3
Short story 4

Sci Fi Pen Name
Started book 1 of new series
Wrote a novella for a shared world series

What I need to do still:
Finish book 2 of new series (Lisa)
Finish book 1 of second new series (Lisa)
Finish novella for PNR project (Lisa)
Finish book 1 of sci fi series (Sci Fi Pen Name)
Plot book 3 of new series (Lisa)
Plot books 2 – 3 of second new series (Lisa)
Plot books 1-3 of RH series (Lisa)
Plot books 2-3 of sci fi series (Sci Fi Pen Name)
Plot 5 book series for contemporary romance (Rom Pen Name)

This all needs to be done by the end of May. If I get all of the above done – and I will – I will have all my publishing goals ready to be met through the summer. That allows me to write through the summer in my Lisa stories, and both pen name stories. I want to finish writing all my books for the year by the end of the summer.

Summer is bracketed by two big events for me. Denver Pop Culture Con at the end of May and then Dragon Con at the end of August. I’m working at both and will be on panels and on the exhibitors floor. I’m really excited for both, and will be showcasing a couple of books at both that won’t be available anywhere else for a time. As we get closer to Denver Pop Culture Con, look for three different cover reveals, and I’ll share my pen name with the folks in my newsletter.

Pen names are weird. I’m not sure I’m going to out myself – at the moment, I think I am. I might even out myself in regard to my romance pen name. I don’t know.

At the beginning of the year, I was really intimidated by the thought of pen names. Now, I like having several different genres to work on. Right now, I just finished a metric ton of contemporary romance. I’m writing PNR, urban fantasy, and sci fi,  and I love having so many projects to work on.  Today, it’s all about the edits. And then back to the writing.

Cover reveals are coming soon. Promise!!! As a teaser, because they are done, I’ll leave you with this.

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