It’s fall, finally…

…and wow, what a summer it’s been. My oldest entered high school, and without knowing it, due to extracurricular activities, I took on another job, LOL! The summer flew by!

Dragon Con was fantastic! It was so great to meet new people, and see old friends. It’s one of my favorite cons. Thanks for stopping by at the panels and at Bard’s Tower.

So what’s new on the reader/writer front? DRAGON FOUND came out in August, and Createspace (those of you who saw me at Denver Comic Con understand this) finally delivered all my copies of the books I’d ordered. So I was able to get print copies of THE COMPANION TALES VOL II out into the world, and what a good feeling that was! I love seeing all those stories about the people of the Realm. I hope you all enjoy them.

Currently, I’m working on DRAGON REVEALED (book 3 in the Dragon Thief series), and DEFENDERS OF THE REALM (book 4 in the Aumahnee Prophecy series) and those will be out by the end of the year. I’ve got two more books in the Dragon Thief, and one left in Aumahnee – it’s hard to believe those series are heading towards the last books! When I started them, the end seemed so far away.

Then I will be moving into new series – and I’m really excited about them. LOL, I have to finish the current series first. As a writer, those sexy series ideas birds in the bush are always so much more alluring the series bird in the hand. I wondered for a long time if that was just me, and it’s not. Most of the writers I have talked to about it struggle with hand vs bush in terms of appeal.

Speaking of other writers, I spent a lot of time hanging out with my tribe. Some are my well-known friends. If you follow me on Facebook, you know I did a #30dayslive challenge this summer. Talking to your phone feels odd at first. But now, it’s old hat. My writer friends and I have started a page on Facebook called Authors Unwritten where we discuss the various aspects of being a writer. Some are more author specific than others, but as I watch them all, I enjoy seeing the perspectives of my friends.

I also spent more time getting to know people I didn’t know as well, and with whom I might not have had as much in common career-wise. It was a good lesson in not limiting yourself. I have made new friends, which is always a good thing.

It’s not been as productive as I would have liked. When you work from home, and your kids are still minors, they, and your family concerns come first. Except for deadlines with publishing – when that happens, I put on my headphones and no one talks to me unless bleeding, loosing an appendage, or the house is on fire. But other than that, family comes first. I’m fortunate that I can make that choice, but holy hell, it plays merry hob (guess who I quoted?) with my writing schedule sometimes.

The long and short of this is that I have taken care of all the fires that have popped up this summer, and am ready for the fall. So tallyho, to quote Miss Charming from Austenland. Let’s get busy!

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