April is here – what’s shakin’, bacon?

Lots. That’s what’s shakin’. Lots.

First, YAY! The entire Djinn Everlasting series is OUT! It’s complete! That means I have completed both of the series I wanted to within a year. The Realm and Djinn Everlasting are done. That doesn’t mean they’re gone – just that the series are complete.

How can I say that? Well, DRAGON LOST, the first book in the Dragon Thief series, launched at the end of March. It’s about Aodan George. He’s a thief. And a dragon. These two aspects present…challenges. In DRAGON LOST, you’ll see some familiar faces. Series may end, but that doesn’t mean characters go quietly into the night. Not mine, anyway.

DRAGON FOUND will be out in May, and the third book in June…just in time for Denver Comic Con!

That’s another YAY! I love the Denver Comic Con weekend and not only do I have a booth there with my awesome partners Corinne O’Flynn and Shawn Harper, I’m a guest and will be sharing knowledge on panels of some sort (more on that to come). At least, I hope to share knowledge. I’ll definitely fangirl with folks. There’s no question of that. So stay tuned for booth info, and panel info, and all the things.

Corinne and I will also have the second novel in our Aumahnee Prophecy series out for Denver Comic Con as well. Which is just as exciting as anything I’m writing solo.

The summer is two things – family, and writing. I have an ambitious schedule this year, and so far, I’ve hit my deadlines. It ramps up for me over the summer because while plotting the Dragon Thief books, I came up with another idea. There is NEVAH enough time for all the IDEAZ!!!! #writerslife

The summer wraps up with Dragon Con. I just got the word that I’m an attending professional again, and I am delighted! To be a guest at one of my favorite cons is such an amazing thing. I get to do it twice this year. Again, stay tuned for panels and info.

I’m leaving you all with the most amazing cover image for DRAGON LOST. Thank you to my friend CK Dawn for her amazing work with this. I could watch the wavy dragon for hours. It’s huge, I know – but boy is the whole thing gorgeous! Steve Novak did the cover, and Dean Samed and Daniel Gemsa were the photographer and model. One of the best things about being all in to my cover design is how I am able to pick the models, and work with the artists. It’s a wonderful thing.

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