It’s almost 2018…

And wow, where has the year gone?

I feel like I was just doing a post about 2017.

I hit a lot of my goals this year. But there are some I missed, and I feel like I’m at the point where they are about to be met.

First, I am finally done with the series about the djinn. I’m renaming it – from Heart of the Djinn to Djinn Everlasting. There’s a reason for this, and if you pick up any one of the books, you’ll see why. Dhameer has finally given me his story, and I’m really excited to share it with you. I’m relaunching book one, THREE WISHES – which is already out there. But I wanted to do the series justice, so I pulled the book, and I’m starting it over. Book two, FORGOTTEN WISHES, will be out January 24, and is already on pre-order. Book three, HIDDEN WISHES, will be out February 21. And then the series will be complete! YaY!!!!

Second, if you are one of my amazing readers that has subscribed to my newsletter, you might notice some changes. I think it’s a good thing, but you all will have to let me know.  Keep an eye out!

Finally, you’re about to see a TON from me in terms of publishing. I have a new series that will be out in March, and I am SO. EXCITED. for this series! I’m working on the covers right now (I think that may be my fave thing outside of the book itself) and you’ll be seeing them soon. It’s called the Dragon Thief, and it’s about a guy named Aodan. (Hint – you all have seen this name somewhere before.)

So that’s it from me – I’m getting ready for THREE WISHES coming out again, and the rest of the Djinn Everlasting series. Then it’s on to Dragon Thief, and there will be more Aumhanee stories as well. The second book in The Aumahnee Prophecy is scheduled, as is the second installment of the stories Corinne O’Flynn and I began in THE PORTAL KEEPERS and THE GIMCRACKERS.  If you remember Penelope, you’ll be seeing her in 2018 as well.

It’s gonna be an amazing year. Happy holidays to you all, and be safe. Have a wonderful New Year, and I’ll see you 2018!


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