Summer is here!

I officially hit two years of indie publishing last month. It’s a milestone, for sure. I look at my progress, and I still have so much more I want to accomplish. However, I am pleased with where I have been and the things I have done.

And now it’s summer – Con season – and many of the things that were just bubbling along are now at a high boil and nearly finished.

I’ll give you the Cliff Notes version:

REALMS OF THE GOBLIN KING came out in ebook in March. It’s going to be in paperback next week.

RISE OF THE DRAGON KING is releasing July 31.

Having those two done means that the Realms series, as far as the novels are concerned, is done. But wait – there’s more! I have, as the Realm has expanded, ended up with more stories about the characters. Most of these allow me to share the history of a certain character, or some aspect of things that happen off-screen. A WOLF COMES TO DINNER is one of those. It came into my head when I was writing the scene with Max and his crew and Iris, Drake, and Taranath in REALMS OF THE GOBLIN KING. I thought, What if? And that short story was born.

So between now and the end of July, look for all the Companion Tales in the Realm series to publish as shorts. I am also going to bundle them into Volumes One and Two, if you don’t like shorts. I’ll have a print version of them available as well.

And THEN, there’s the Aumahnee Prophecy. That’s a new series I am writing with Corinne O’Flynn. Like the Realm, these characters have grown and the world has expanded.

First, there are the prequels. This is where you meet Eamonn and Marigold, and get to know a little about the main characters in the series.  Both EAMONN’S TALE and MARIGOLD’S TALE are now available in ebook. If you happen to be at Denver Comic Con, or Dragon Con, and you see me, you can also get them in a Collector’s Edition paperback.

Then, there are the shorts that take place in the world. These are characters who are living and doing their thing while Eamonn and Marigold are going about their business, and they are part of the world, but not actively engaged with our main characters. Corrine and I each wrote a piece of those stories. THE GIMCRACKERS and THE PORTAL KEEPERS are available in ebook, and again, if you’re at one of the events one or both of us is at this year, you’ll be able to get your hands on the Collector’s Edition of both of those stories in paperback form.

Finally, WATCHERS OF THE VEIL is about to make its debut. In print at Denver Comic Con, and in ebook shortly thereafter. I have to say, even though I am completely biased, I love this story.

I hope we get to meet up over this summer at some point! I love talking with readers. If you’re at Denver Comic Con, I’m in Author Alley, Booth # D11 and D13.



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