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This gif is me. I am Dean. I am the driver. I know what’s what, where we’re going, and dammit, what music we’re listening to. Usually. 2016 was a weird year, where I wasn’t always sure what the music was, where we were headed, or even if I was driving.

Since I last posted, TO WED THE GOBLIN KING  is out, and making its way into the world. I’m working on REALMS OF THE GOBLIN KING – but I will tell you, and I’m being totally honest here, I got a bit derailed. 2017, y’all.

The derailment was not by normal shiny (Facebook!) things, but by learning.  I am in a class that I literally stumbled over online, and I was fortunate enough to get a spot in the class. So it’s taking me a bit longer to finish REALMS, because I am working on improving it. Essentially, this was a chance I couldn’t pass up. So it’s coming. Promise.

But that wasn’t the focus of this post. Towards the end of the year last year, I took the opportunity to…*whispers*…go and talk to a psychic. I figured, why not? She came well recommended, and while I am a bit of a skeptic, I enjoy readings.

One of the things she said to me struck me hard. She told me that 2017 was the first year in a new cycle, and 2016 was a year to clear out the rubbish. There have been a lot of shifts, and because these changes involved things, people, and habits – it was tough. I was rather down at the thought of some of these changes. I don’t mind change as a rule, but these specific changes were not ones I expected.

So after the reading she asked if I had questions. I had prepared a couple, and she spoke to the changes. In detail.  She told me, You know, change is not a bad thing. Sometimes, people, things, and habits move out of your life because you’re ready to move on to something else, something different, a new place. In your case, she told me, it’s a better place.

I went away from the reading in deep thought. I thought about the changes, and some things that had occurred after the changes had taken place. People, things, opportunities, events – all things that had come into my life after the changes that brought me concern. The predominant question that kept hitting was, Would I have noticed/appreciated/taken these chances if I were still in the same place I was at the beginning of the year?

Unfortunately, I cannot say with surety that I would have. I appreciate the new people and things that have come into my life in a way I might not have a year ago. Like most of us, I tend to be hard on myself, and expect a lot. I take responsibility when things go sideways, or not as expected. Talking with this psychic made me look at the last year in a different way.

A good way. I’m sad that change has happened that I didn’t expect. It is the pits to let go of things that are part of your life. At the same time, maybe they weren’t meant to always be there, and maybe something else is coming in place of that which has gone.

So as we move into 2017, take stock of the last year. Did things change? Be honest – was it for the better? We’re often taught that change is scary, or bad in some way. Occasionally, you’ll run into someone with no investment in your life who will tell you – Well, maybe not. Maybe that change had to happen for you to get to where you need to be.

2017 is shaping up to be a hell of a crazy year. Crazy in a good way. I’ll have more on that as the year goes on. Enjoy this month, hug and kiss your families, and remember – even when in doubt, you ARE the driver.

So put in your music, and tell shotgun to shut their cakehole.


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