Time for Goals

While it’s not the end of the year, I have hit a number of my goals, and feel it’s the appropriate time to set more. One of the things that kept me on track was the fact that I posted my publishing goals on here, and FB, and while I don’t flatter myself that I have a reach of any significance, I put my goals in writing where others might see them.

To me, that made me accountable.

I’m on track to release Catrin’s Grimoire in November. I’m really excited – the story is going well. Perhaps there was a bit of plotting in there…LOL! Probably. I have been a panster for so long, it’s weird to plot.  Anyway, it’s on track and going well, which is the important thing.

There’s one more book after CG, so what do I do then? There may be one healthy novella, but I’m not committing to that. I’ve been considering what to do, and how to actually write it down and give myself a realistic set of publishing goals that go until the end of 2016. So with that, I decided I want to work on other series.

Staying in the fairy tale realm, I am going to write a true romance. Sisters Of The Curse was not a romance, per se. The romance was a subplot, but none of the stories had romance as their main story arc. For this series, it’s going to be a trilogy, and it will be a true romance. I think I’m going to use the legend of the Goblin King – not Jareth and Sarah, unfortunately.  I do love their story, but I want to create my own Goblin King. So there’s one.

Then, I want to do a shifter series. I LOVE shifter books – and my faves are wolves. So look for a Pack series. That will probably be five books. I’m still fiddling with the outline of the series. I know everyone and their mom has done wolf shifters, but I love shifter romance, and the wolves are the ones I keep coming back to. So there you are.

Finally, I talked with my Beloved. He’s not a reader. Thankfully, Darling Boys take after me, because I feel like not loving to read is missing out on one of the most creative things man has ever done. Reading has been such a major part of my life. Anyway, he has one series he likes to read, and I asked him, point blank, what was it that drew him about that particular series. He said, I can imagine myself as the MC, and see how I could survive in the circumstances in the book.

That was really eye-opening to me. I had ideas of why he liked that series, and none of mine were right, LOL. So that started me thinking, and I think that will culminate in a dystopian series of some sort. That’s my newest series idea, and the one that is closet to infancy, so the detes are fuzzy.

First step towards a destination – plotting the journey there. You’ve now made it through my Step One. The TL; DR version
1) Finish Sisters Of The Curse with Adelaide’s Tale, sometime in January 2016
2) Five book Pack series – wolf shifters
3) Goblin King based trilogy
4) Dystopian story – may be a trilogy? Not sure yet.

I’m up to eleven books for next year. So I’ll stop. That means I need to be publishing every month. It feels REALLY. REALLY. SCARY to put this in writing. That’s a metric ton of writing on my part.

BUT – in order to get somewhere, you have to decide to go. This is me announcing my decision.

Back to writing.

ETA: I have been thinking of nothing else since I made this post. In the next month, my goal is to firm up my publication schedule. I’m one of those people who do better with a deadline. My editor, the long-suffering Rachel, may not be as thrilled. I shall bribe her. With Cards Against Humanity addition packs.

Look for that by end of October. I’m interested to see what I come up with, too!

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