Crunch Time

So. This weekend.

Here is my To Do:

Finish Newsletter and post before 9/1 (almost done, waiting on one thing) (Did I mention this bad boy is 29 pages this month? 29 pages, people! All member driven content! Yay!)
Make sure all print copies of three books are going to be here in time for Conference
Get the last minute things for Dragon Con
Pack for Dragon Con
Obsess over list of what is needed for Dragon Con
Clean the house
Make schedule list for when I am gone
Grocery shop for the week
Laundry – mine and kids

Where am I in this list?

Laundry working. Newsletter nearly finishedDONE. Scheduled and archived to boot. You can’t tell but I’m laughing like Dr. Doofenschmirtz right now.


To do list for DC made. House is getting there. One final thing for the printing and I should be done. This may involve a call to the POD company, however. I’ll make the schedule and plan the meals later tonight, in between getting house and laundry ready.

I might actually be out of here in a timely fashion, rather than a mad, wild-eyed rush.

Not counting my chickens, or anything. There’s still three days before the plane takes off, after all.

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