State of the Fab world

If you’ve read some of my earlier blogs, you’ll know that my nickname within my family, and particularly with my sister (SAP, for the record), is Fab.

I’ll tell you the story, and get to the point of my post tonight. My sister has this friend, and the friend is goddamned fabulous. I mean, seriously so. I love her fabulousness. So she gets being fab. This friend and my sis were talking and my sister is the endless font of Lisa stories. She tells me it’s because her life is not as cool as mine.

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. We’ll let it go.

Anyway, somehow, they are talking about how one gets some reality and perspective once one gets into the 20s. I was still dumb as can be, but it was better than when I was in my teens. And my sister tells her friend, “My sister said, Oh, hellz ya. I was totally and utterly convinced of my own fabulousness in high school. College was the first step down off my self-appointed pedestal, and then, it went down from there.”

The friend laughed herself silly, and The Fab was born. *sigh* Now, I’m The Big Fab. That’s an addition from my BIL. Everyone is a big something. It’s not the state of the union on the size of my backside, LOL. At least, I hope not.

In the Fab world, I’m in editing. I’m playing hooky right now. I know it’s because my editor can’t look at it immediately, so I have been just doing a little self care, R-n-R. Sometimes I need that. I’m also writing, because Casimir is due…shortly.

In yet another discussion with my biz partner, and editor, the story has taken a twist. That happens when I have longer conversations with them. Thankfully, it’s happening before I have to do major revisions.

This month is even more Fab than me at my most Fab (usually late night at Dragon Con – just sayin’. If you see me there, say hey. I love Dragon Con. It’s less than a month away. YAY!) – One Night At The Ball is nearly ready to go, and Casimir’s Journey is almost there. Two books in one month. I’m psyched.

Then, Dragon Con. God, I love it more every year. If you haven’t gone, it’s worth it. It’s like no other con I go to. Then, my regional writer’s conference. There is something about being around other people like you, who do the same thing you do, who understand your head-desk moments that is like crack.

And then, Catrin’s Grimoire is out in November.

I’ll be starting a new series towards the end of the year. I’m looking at Dec/Jan for release. That also got a major plot revamp (thank you, Monica!) and I am really excited to be able to get to that.

I’ve also been getting requests to talk about what I’ve done to 1) get myself published and 2) to get myself out there, even in the little bit that I’ve done. I love sharing, so I am working on a massive doc for those who have asked. LOL, careful what you wish for.

I know I stand on this soapbox frequently, but one of the things I adore about the indie world is the sharing. I would not be where I am right now, even in my small state, if it were not for the generous sharing of others. It’s shaped my course, and helped me figure out what I want to do, set goals, actually consider a strategy for my career – which are priceless.

There you have it in under 750 words – the State of the Fab Union. Summer is almost over, so if you, like me, found that your normal schedule of production was disrupted by that thing called life this summer, school is nearly back in. Time to get the calendar out and set your schedule so that you are prepared. If you already have – good on you! You’re ahead of me.

See you later this week!

And just cuz, a Dyson gif – I’m a huge Lost Girl fan, and the cast will be at Dragon Con this year. Kris HR is a really nice, really TALL guy. This is hilarious.


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