The Warm-n-gushies

So my book has been out for a little while.

Most of the people who bought it know me. Bless them.

But – there are those who I don’t know, and I bless them for taking a chance on it as well. Because they don’t even have the excuse of knowing me, LOL.

I’m going public here, and saying I took a Big Chance with the ending. BIG CHANCE.

I am a passionate reader, and I ADORE the HEA – the Happily Ever After. A-DORE. As a reader, I am pissed, as in go online and bitch pissed, when I don’t get a HEA, or when the author chooses ambiguity. I said it. I’ll go to my fave reader forums and complain.

Except. And here’s my saving grace – except when I know the author is doing a series and they’re not gonna leave me hanging there on the cliff edge like the hapless heroine from the talkies.

So back to me, since it’s all about my warm-n-gushies. My ending for Thea’s Tale was a chance. I took it, because it’s been the ending since I started thinking about this book last year, and I KNEW I was doing a series, so I could….well….stretch out the HEA.

Because trust me, I believe and support and adore the HEA.

The response I’ve gotten from those who have read it, both the folks who know me and those wonderful strangers who don’t is “Wha—-??? WTH, Lisa? Where’s the next one?” If they know me, a, ah, colorful descriptive may be attached to that last sentence.

So today, I heard from someone whose email addy I don’t recognize. And the person was commenting on the ending, and how they needed the next book. I read the notification, and sat back in the Chair of Creativity and Knowledge, and was stunned. Pleased, and stunned.

Someone I don’t know was affected enough by my Big Chance to not only NOT hate me, but tell me to bring it on with the next one.

I LOVE that. I don’t have enough colorful descriptives to express how much love there is.

With that, One Night At The Ball will be out by month’s end. (My editor is colorful descripting me right now.)

Casimir’s Journey has an August 2015 publication date. Given the feedback, and my overall schedule, I am working (I swear!) on getting it done sooner. (Editor is gnashing teeth again.)

The feels, guys. Seriously.




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