I was thinking about my blog, and thought, Oh. I haven’t posted in a while. Bad Lisa. But then, I haven’t had a lot to post.

I had to clean my house like mad, because my friends were visiting and I got a case of the “I must clean or they will judge me and talk about me in whispers” syndrome. That makes me laugh, because none of my friends care about that, but I think we all THINK they do. Until everyone shows up, the wine bottle is opened, and you realize that all is really well, and no one cares that your dog pooped on the deck. (I have a little dog. He hates going downstairs to the grass.)

So that’s what I did for two weeks. Cleaned. Organized. Got ready for people to come to my house and actually stay. It ended up being so much fun. I didn’t sleep well because we stayed up and laughed hysterically over stupid stuff. For nearly a week.

Now everyone is gone, and the end of year school stuff is hitting. I don’t want to embarrass myself with the number of emails I got updating me that contained things of complete mystery and surprise to me. I believe there may have been a response to a teacher inquiring whether I had actually signed up to chaperone a field trip occurring this week.

Why yes, I am indeed Mother of the Year. LOL.

Needless to say, this is cutting into my writing time. I have a set schedule, so I’m a bit tetchy. I’ll live, and make my deadlines but lord. I WANTED to write all week.

However, I tell myself that my kiddos will not want me around for much longer as a chaperone for field trips, or anything else for that matter. I enjoy their field trips, and being with them. They still enjoy me. Since they are my children, I can already see glimpses of how teenager-hood is going to go, and it ain’t gonna be pretty. I want to enjoy having a relationship with my kids while they still let me.

That’s my public service announcement for tonight. Hang with your kids while they’ll let you. You can make your deadline for whatever it is you still need to get done. Blink, and they’ll be ditching you in public whenever they can.

Wish me luck in the dissection field trip.

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