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I’ve been really REALLY lax about keeping this updated. I got home from Dragon Con, and my life just went cuckoo. I have no excuse. I will warn you also, you’re getting a major mind dump, because I have been mulling all this over just before I fall asleep.

I’ve been thinking about how I create, and when, and looking for time to maximize the creative flow. I can’t take any organizational credit for this, though. I am fortunate that at the end of next week, I will no longer be a W2 employee, and will essentially be a SAHM. And let me tell you, without a schedule, one that I tell others about, I AM that SAHM.

Parked in the crack of the couch, eying my next bon-bon.

With that, I’ve been considering how I wish to order my day so that I might get the writing done I want to – the first publication date for Book One of the new series is May 5th, 2015, and it will go on pre-order end of this month/early March – and still be the one In Charge of the doings of the house and children.

Here’s what I noticed – I really only have two good creative days a week at this point.

Monday – am, get chores/shopping done. Creative late morning and afternoon, and then maybe a little if I’m lucky after school.
Tuesday – full on creative day, culminating with Awesome Critique Group in the evening.
Wednesday – workThursday – LOTS of work (it’s my longest day in the office)
Friday – half day of work, and then errands, and then family time
Sat/Sun – family time, and Sun usually encompasses getting things done for the next week.

Don’t get me wrong – I love my job. I am lucky that I don’t drag myself into an office with a job I tolerate. I actually love my job. Due to circumstances that have nothing to do with me writing, I need to become a SAHM. But in considering how to make sure I’m not the Crack-in-the-couch mom, I realized I have limited days in which to just wallow in my creative process.

What’s bad is I know others don’t even have that – they have to squeeze writing around a full time job, and after people are in bed. I do that too. So don’t take this as complaining. It’s not.

I have a good idea of how I am going to balance not going out to work with getting done the things I have to do for writing with my new full on responsibility for the house. My LSS (long suffering spouse) is a champ about splitting house and kid duties. After all, we both work, and it’s fair. But if I am not working – that is all on me. Which is fair.

But with three publication dates this year, I need to find that balance. I feel pretty good and only slightly guilty at my production thus far. My first two books are nearly written (lots of editing on the first one, because it’s the key to the entire rest of the series) and I have put dates to everything. Just to put it out there – May 5, August 4, and November 3. The first three books of the Sisters Of The Curse series – Thea’s Tale, Casimir’s Journey, and Catrin’s Grimoire. Somewhere in there will also be a novella, One Night At The Ball.

I am not the most organized person. But since I am being given the amazing opportunity to be at home, and WRITE, I figure I need to make the most of it, and get some organization.

I’d be interested in hearing about those of you who write for a living order your day. Particularly if you are also the SAHP.

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  1. My biggest challenge, when I first quit work, was to learn to say, “No.” You have to carve out your “me” time and keep it. That time is very precious so don’t give it up for anything (of course there are exceptions to every rule). It helped me to set “office hours” at home so I could write without interruption. During those hours the laundry waited, the dishes stayed piled for awhile longer, and the vacuum didn’t move. I sat at my desk and I wrote, researched, stared at my computer, and sometimes just stared some more. No matter what though, I had those 2 hours that were for my writing and nothing else. These days I have pretty relaxed office hours, but I am sure to set aside that “me” time to write.

    You will find that creative time that fits around everything else in life in no time. Like anything new there will be adjustments and once you find that time in the day it will soon become a routine. You’ll do just fine.

    Now, when can I pre-order that first book?? 🙂

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