The dam has broken!

I have been in a drought.  Everything I tried to write that was new over the past, oh, two months, has been shite.  I would read it and toss it in my trash bucket file.  LOL, I don’t throw anything away, but I don’t always let it out into the light either. Editing has gone great, but new stuff? Not so much.

Well, the shower has allowed the dam to break.  Everyone morning in the shower, I’ve had this idea percolating in my head.  After four mornings, I got the hint, and last night, stayed up and banged out the first ten plus pages. It was effortless. The ideas are just flowing.

The weird thing is that I love fantasy, urban with a healthy dash of romance.  This isn’t fantasy at all.  Not even with a lot of hope.  I think this might fall under chick lit.  I’m totally okay with that. The idea is so great, and I just love the story so much.

So my words of wisdom – keep writing.  The dam will break.

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