So I am off to the Rocky Mountain Fictio

So I am off to the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Conference this weekend. I really enjoy being around other people who want to make their imagination their career, or who are already there. Since this is the group that will be there, I’m pretty excited. I might have mentioned that in the previous post. I signed up to do a pitch to an agent, which is nerve wracking in and of itself.

However, having had a burst of inspiration that is hopefully not some form of crack, I’m feeling good about my ability to present myself and my written baby in a way that’s not full of “….ummmm….” LOL – I could be totally wrong, because I am on a regular basis. But this has that gut “YEA-AAHHH!” feeling, so I’m goin’ with it. So I am looking at myself in the mirror, and practicing getting rid of my ‘ummms’ and not having a goofy look on my face.

Here’s my dilemma. I go to a lot of conventions. I love conventions. A big schwarm of like-minded people ready to mingle. I choose my costumes for said conventions with care. At a writing conference…there are no costumes.

So what do I wear????

I was reading a blog and the writer mentioned that people run the gamut as to what they wear. I’m going to this for the same reasons as everyone else – learn some more about my craft, meet like-minded craftspeople, and work at this business of writing. Business casual? Professional? Something with my comfy cute shoes, definitely. Part of my brain has been focused on polishing my work and my presentation of the work…and the other part on what should I wear?

No costumes really leaves me out of my element.

Ehem. It also leaves my love of rhinestones lurking in the what-to-wear wings, just waiting for the opportunity to pounce. I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

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