Getting ready for the Rocky Mountain Fic

Getting ready for the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Conference. I’m really excited to go to a Con that is focused solely on writing. I’ve gone to the writers tracks at other SF/F Cons and am not knocking them in any way. I am more making a comment on my ability to be distracted (as in the recent Dragon*Con where I got completely side tracked by the Lost Girl and Urban Fantasy panels). This will be the first time that I have been to a Con where it’s all about writing.

That’s really exciting to me. In my group of Con friends, I am one of the only writers. They are completely tolerant of my schedule, and understand when I run off at ten at night for that last panel, but I am usually running solo.

I’m also really excited because I chatted with a Denver-based author about this organization and their conference. She said it was really wonderful, and totally worth the investment. That’s always great to hear from someone else.

So look for an update after the next weekend on all the treats!

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