Back From Dragon*Con

I go to Dragon*Con every year.  It’s one of my vacations, and I dress up, and meet people, and mingle with my favorites in writing and acting.  Well, I try and mingle.  Sometimes it’s nothing more than a respectful gaze from a distance.

This year, I took a different tack.  I have started to publish a little on the Wormhole Electric site, and I love writing for more than just me.  With that in mind, I decided to hie myself to panels and discussions that were more craft than fan focused.  I went to a healthy number of writing panels that explored all sorts of aspects of this madness.

What. A. Revelation.

I learned a ton.  Perhaps not literally, although it felt like it at the time.  Thanks to my trusty Samsung Note, I didn’t have to tote around pen and paper.  I took notes on my phone, and then emailed them to myself.  (I’m feeling all sorts of proud of my efficiency there – can you tell?) I stored away a number of really good ideas for moving myself forward as a professional.  LOL – I’m not sure it will take, but I plan to try.  If it doesn’t, there is no liability on the part of the presenters.  They worked hard to impart honesty and realism to those who were there.

I truly believed I could take a breather once I was back from Con.  I got my edit of my Part Two of The Search to my editor, I am almost done with Part Three, and I had most of my costumes together.  I could not have been more wrong.  I have a To Do list worthy of the week prior to Con.

No complaints, though.  After a number (cough, cough) of years of working and re-working my tale of Sylvah, I’m excited to toss her out into the world.

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