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The Aumahnee Prophecy

A fae warrior, disgraced and alone, with no idea what lies ahead.

Eamonn has always been known as Eamonn the Lucky. Everything he’s ever wanted, he has achieved, and now he’s reached his life’s goal. A member of the King’s Guard, handpicked by the Fae King.

Until the day when he and his best friend were assigned the innocent task of escorting a lady of the court. That is when everything goes wrong, and his luck disappears.

Now the Captain of the Watchers, he is regulated to a remote outpost, with no hope of getting out of disgrace. There’s not even hope of relieving the tedium–until one of his Watchers doesn’t check in.

When he goes to find him, he steps into a mystery that he never saw coming.

MARIGOLD’S TALE, by my co-writer Corinne O’Flynn, is the companion story to this. The two are origin stories for the main characters in The Aumahnee Prophecy.

The Aumahnee Prophecy
THE GIMCRACKERS: An Aumahnee Prophecy Short Story

Do you do what you want or what you have to?

Ever since Dmitri opened a book casket and a man calling himself a Watcher in a circle of light asked if he needed assistance in crossing the Veil, he and his friends Bonnie and Nathan have been obsessed with discovering exactly what that means. Who are the Watchers? What is the Veil? Why do people cross it? While they have the casket, it no longer works, and the people who originally gave it to them vanished with no trace.

But now, their ability to focus on solving this mystery has become limited. They are running out of money. New opportunities are calling that would break up the three of them. When you need to pay bills and eat, it’s hard to say no to a good job. Even if there’s no passion in it.

Caught between want and need, Dmitri, Bonnie, and Nathan have to each make a decision that will affect forever how or if they continue on. After all, food is rather important.

Follow the Gimcrackers and their quest—if it continues.

THE GIMCRACKERS is set in the world of the Aumahnee Prophecy. You’ll see these characters again! Be sure to read THE PORTAL KEEPERS, which is Corinne’s version of this story.


The Aumahnee Prophecy Book 1
with Corinne O’Flynn

A witch on a mission.

Searching for her sister, who ran off with the wrong sort of bad-news guy, Marigold finds herself in a bar on the worst side of town. She wonders again why she’s putting so much effort into finding her sister when nothing–even returning their golden child–is going to endear Marigold to her estranged family.

Frustrated yet again by the way she is sidelined in her quest, Marigold pursues a mysterious man whose appearance brings back disturbing memories. Expecting to find him alone and confront him, Marigold follows him out of the bar.

A Fae warrior on the hunt.

Tracking down a missing soldier after finding one of his men dead, Eamonn is also led to the same seedy bar. When his inquiries raise the attention of a gang of thugs, Eamonn finds himself fighting for his life in the dark alley behind the bar.

When Marigold stumbles on the scene in the alley, Eamonn is suddenly fighting for two lives instead of one. But what happens next surprises them both and sends them on a journey where they are forced to work together or die.

Can they become the team they need to be in order to survive?



A Quick THANK YOU to all my readers!

In spring of 2017, I put THREE WISHES and EAMONN’S TALE into two different box set collections. Thanks to you all, both sets hit the USA Today Bestsellers list!

So thank you! It was an amazing experience.



The Realm Series Book 1

Brennan,the King of the Goblin Realm finds himself facing his greatest challenge he’s faced since he came to the throne. A rogue sorcerer is raising an army of Brennan’s own subjects against him threatening the peace Brennan has worked so hard to create for his people. Since he’s already engaged to a perfectly suitable lady, there’s no room or need for love in his life. Which is a good thing, because he has other things to worry about. Love is the farthest thing from his mind.

Iris never expected to be whisked away to the Goblin Realm from a stadium bathroom. All she wants is to get away from the obviously crazy man with the sword. Iris has her own problems and being trapped in a land she still can’t believe isn’t helping any of them. Her goal is to get back to her family and her potential new boyfriend.

Though Brennan and Iris try to ignore the attraction between them, when they must make a choice will they continue to deny their feelings or will they take the step that will change their lives and the lives of everyone around them?

The Realm Series Book 2


In spite of the challenges that still face them, Iris and Brennan are planning their lives together. They’re both excited for what comes next.

However, Iris and Brennan are the only ones.

The Goblin Realm–the entire Fae Realm– is on the brink of civil war. The sorcerer who initiated so much harm is still free, and has stated his intention to ruin Brennan. Understood in that is that Iris is at risk as well.

If challenges in the Goblin Realm were not enough, there are challenges from the human side of things. Iris’ parents don’t want her to stay in the Goblin Realm, even if she will end up marrying a king. They actively work against Brennan and Iris as a couple, and create even more problems.

Maybe falling in love isn’t enough.

Is it?


The Realm Series Book 3

This is Book 3 of The Realm series: The final book of Brennan & Iris!

When you get married, you’re supposed to live happily ever after, right?
The goblins hummed the Bridal March, the gown was gorgeous, and the wedding night…it was all Iris had dreamed of. Now it’s time to start her new life with Brennan, the Goblin King. Her Goblin King.

Which would be great if your groom was where he was supposed to be.
But he’s not. In spite of all the good things, Cian, Brennan’s mad brother with a serious case of vengeance, has kidnapped Brennan. Cian makes it clear he will not be of returning Brennan alive.

Iris is one of the few people who can find him – or so she hopes. She and Brennan’s two closest friends set out in a race against the clock to find Brennan before Cian exacts his revenge.

Iris will not be settling for the almost happily ever after. She’ll travel through the Realms of the Goblin King to find Brennan and hope that it’s not all in vain.

But will she find Brennan in time?



The Realm Series Book 4

Drake has no choice. He is bound via his word to go to the Dragon Realm and see what can be done to help, and perhaps heal the damage done by Eilor.

But that’s easier said than done. First, no one is sure what happened to Eilor. Is he alive? Is he dead? Does he still have allies? It certainly seems that way. Nothing goes right.

If that wasn’t challenging enough, Drake must also contend with the expectations, or lack thereof, that he faces as the human son of the Fae King.

And then there’s Aine, that strange part fae, part dragon girl. Where does she fit in to all this?

Drake will need to use all his skill if he wishes to become the Dragon King. If he lives.

The Realm Series

These stories are companions to the Realm novels. There are eight of them. They are available on Amazon as single ebooks. These shorts will be complete and published by August 2017

They are, in order:


The Realm Series

In this volume of short stories from The Realm series, you will meet Brennan and Drake as young boys in BROTHERS BORN, see how – and why – Mara left the Fae Realm in LINE OF IMARA, follow Iris and Brennan as they make good on Iris’ promise to Max in A WOLF COMES TO DINNER, and discover the secret of who Aine really is in AINE’S TALE.

This is available in ebook and print. It contains the first four stories of the Realm Companion Stories.


Heart Of The Djinn Series

Who wouldn’t want a do-over?

That is the question that twenty-six year old Tibby Holloway is asking herself. After a long night of eating too much ice cream and going over all her missed chances, she’s surprised by a visitor. A free-lancing djinn who makes her the offer of a lifetime. He’ll give her three chances, three wishes, to go back and change her life. She can change her career, find the man she loves.That could be a problem as there’s at least two in the “man she loves” category.

There’s also a catch. A Really Big Catch.

She can’t stay in any of these new lives her wishes create. Once she’s gone back three times, the djinn will decide where she ends up. He’s firm on this – she’ll have no say in the matter. After deciding which points in her life she wants to do over, she must then decide if it’s worth risking all she may achieve. Because to find out what might have been, she has to give up all control over what will be. Would it be better to not even know?

It will all come down to her Three Wishes.
This book will be in the Dark Fates Boxed Set Collection until June 2017

Sisters Of The Curse Series

Planning a wedding becomes difficult when you’re just trying to stay alive. And awake.

But that’s where Thea, eldest daughter of the King of Gallivas finds herself. She thought, after her father’s annual ball, she’d be happily giggling with her sisters about her upcoming nuptials. Instead, she is engaged to the wrong prince and under a powerful curse from a very angry witch.

Thea must navigate her overly enthusiastic fiancé, her stubborn father, varying levels of cooperation from her sisters, and the fact that the prince she loves has unknowingly put his own life in danger while she works to discover the secret to breaking the curse of the witch Catrin. All while dancing each night until her slippers are worn and tattered.

Once all she thought about was how she’d live her happily ever after. Now she just wants to live.

Sisters of the Curse Book 2


“Bravery is the ability to see the way forward, and knowing it to be nothing good, still move forward.”

When Casimir speaks these words, he has no idea just how hard he will be tested. The way forward is fraught with difficulty and peril. When he failed the challenge set by King Aland, he was ready to die. In fact, he did die – but he’s been given a second chance at life. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as he’d thought. His goal is to heal and return to the life he’s always known, and the future he’d planned for. One that included Thea, his true love. The enchantress who brought him back to life has different plans for him. The enchantress puts increasingly difficult obstacles in his path that force him to examine himself, the life he led previously, and even his love for Thea in her quest to change his destiny. Follow Casimir as he struggles to regain control of his future and find the happiness he wants in Casimir’s Journey.

Casimir’s Journey is Book Two in the Sisters Of The Curse series. It is also the second part of the tale of Thea and Casimir.

Sisters of the Curse Book 1.5

***This Sisters Of The Curse novella is a prequel to Thea’s Tale***

A tale of the night that sets in motion the events of the Sisters Of The Curse series… Catrin is the beloved, pampered child of the King of Nandrenay. Her childhood seemed idyllic, but it was all a lie. She is on the cusp of adulthood when she discovers that one hasty decision made by her father many years before has falsely shaped her world, and Catrin has no choice but to seek the truth. In her search, she finds that there is nothing simple about a lie, and the lies she’d been told most of her life will have far reaching consequences. Her family’s betrayal in the wake of her father’s decision sends her down a path of spiraling destruction. One Night At The Ball is the story of how even lies told for the very best of reasons can go horribly wrong. It all begins One Night At The Ball.