I’m Lisa Manifold. I write paranormal romance, fantasy, and in 2017, urban fantasy.

I have three series going at the moment – Sisters of the Curse, The Heart of the Djinn, and The Realm Trilogy. You can find them on my Amazon Author’s Page.

I’m really excited to share my latest work – I’m in TWO amazing box sets  with twenty-one other authors. The sets are Dark Fates, and Myths & Legends.  Look at these covers!

Are these gorgeous or what?

You can get them  on Amazon, Kobo, iTunes, and Barnes & Noble. They’re both available for  pre-order. Dark Fates will be delivered March 28, and Myths & Legends on April 18. If you scoop them up now, they are only $.99 each! Bargains abound here!

So get your copy now!

Happy Reading!